Gulf stream: 1978 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 “RSR clone”


It seems that among the European cars, the only ones on which enthusiasts are willing to accept the “Hot Rodding” are the Porsche cars; perhaps because they are very related to Volkswagen cousins.


And probably also because the body of the 911s remained basically identical from ’64 to ’92 (if we exclude the passage from SWB to LWB of ’68), consequently the interchangeability of many parts has favored the flourishing of specialists in modifying the most famous air-cooled car in the world (together with the Fiat 500). Not only specialists but also private individuals who modified them in the garage, like the case of this Carrera 3.0.


To be precise: we suppose it is a Carrera 3.0 as the seller says it is a 1978 car with a three-liter engine; he also says that this was his father’s project, that is, to build an “RSR clone” to be used to compete. It has recently been updated with the installation of a Mayo Performances clutch, Elgin cams, rebuilt axes, headers and a race muffler. This car is a great candidate for a Hot Rod with Gulf colors. Find it for sale at $30,000 here in Cedar Hills, TX.


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