American built: 1959 Kellison J5R Coupé


We have never been indifferent to the charm of these American cars produced by hand in small workshops, and in fact it is not the first car of this type that we publish.


In fact in the past we have published other Kellisons which, a few years ago, had much more accessible prices, but we all know that time goes by always makes justice (sooner or later) to vintage cars and this also applies to the Kellisons: this in particular is a J5R.


The peculiarity of this car is a complete story that dates back to the 1950s: it is rare to find one of these cars with a real pedigree as most (and they were already few) have been abandoned, transformed or destroyed over the decades. The condition of the car looks very good, it has a 1959 Chevrolet 283 V8 with period-correct dual quad carburetors on an Offenhauser intake, a manual transmission and, last but not least, the seller says the car is particularly rare as it is an “R” which means “lightweigh body”. Find it for sale at $ 39,500 here in Tampa, FL.


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