No warranty: 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce


Let’s not fool ourselves, this car is a mess, but it still has all the most important parts: engine, gearbox, dashboard and seats.


The seats are particularly important because this splendid design was only available in 1969 (if we exclude the GTAs) and, although very faithful reproductions are made in Italy, the original ones are nowhere to be found. Furthermore the color of the interior (called “Cinghiale”) is very pleasant.


As we said, the engine is there and it seems that it turns freely, the gearbox is still connected to the engine, the interiors are, in fact, damaged but original. The weak point of this car is the bodywork: on this car there is little to save, probably the only thing to save is the fire wall and its chassis number, however if the winning bid is low, the new owner will have margin to rebuild it without going to default. Find it for sale here in Flanders, NJ, with bidding at $1,025 and no reserve price.


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