The mummy: 1969 Jaguar E-Type O.T.S.


We have seen cars to be restored in any conditions, but it is the first time we see one that recalls the appearance of Tutankhamun’s mummy when Howard Carter took it out of his sarcophagus.


Maybe that’s because of the black paint dried (and cracked) under the sun of California, and perhaps also because the lack of headlights recalls the two empty eye sockets of a mummy but it is in fact that once looked, the image of this car remains etched in mind.


Impressions aside, this car has in fact been abandoned outside for many, many years and the bodywork has paid the price; There is a lot of metal work to do on this car of which, unfortunately, the seller has posted only three photos from outside and none of the engine compartment. One can certainly imagine the worst, but even if it belongs to the second series, it still remains an E-Type roadster. Find it for sale at $24,500 (or best offer) here in Los Angeles, CA.


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