The grey one: 1964 Siata 1500 TS Coupé by Michelotti


So far we have published a sister of this car painted in white and a 1300 TS painted in dark red, this is the turn of grey.


Dark gray, to be precise, a very elegant color for a coupe on a Fiat 1500 base designed and built to be aimed at customers who could not afford a Maserati but who wanted to stand out from the crowd: Michelotti designed this coupé for them.


The conditions of this car seem excellent: it is clearly a recently restored car and probably the restoration work started from a good starting point: apart from the beautiful color combo, the whole car seems almost perfect; beautiful paint, beautiful interior (however, the steering wheel does not seem original), beautiful chrome. Last but not least, the car still wears the original Italian black plate. As often happens in this world, beauty has a price, a price that for this car is anything but low. Find it for sale at €50,000 (today $57,500) here in Siracusa, Italy.


One thought on “The grey one: 1964 Siata 1500 TS Coupé by Michelotti

  1. BO 366022 license should have been released in February 1969, so this car should have had at least a previous italian license. Until 1994 all italian vehicles had to carry a license depending on the owner living district, after that date vehicles keep the license, being it new or old.
    The steering wheel looks like an aftermarket Personal, the company that later joined more famous Nardi.

    Giuseppe Maranghi – Laveno, Italy

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