De Dion back: 1955 Lancia Aurelia B12


The latest series of the Lancia Aurelia sedan is represented by the B12 as published here: the car benefited from several improvements such as the De Dion suspension at the rear.


A very refined solution which, moreover, was consistent with the Lancia constructive philosophy; unfortunately this philosophy was one of the main reasons that less than twenty years later brought the Lancia to bankruptcy: cars that are technically too refined, and therefore very expensive to produce.


This B12 in particular looks like a well-preserved specimen considering that it never seems to have ever been restored; we could bet that the paint is not that sprayed from the factory (which today would be completely matt) but on the other hand it does not even seem recent; the interiors are quite original as well as the engine bay. There are no photos of the underbody but this car does not give us the feeling of being rotten. Find it for sale here in Kolín, Czech Republic, with an inital bid of  $10,870.


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