Mutation/5: 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale


It is rare to see changes to the bodywork of a Giulia or Giulietta SS, but when we come across a modified specimen, it is obligatory for us to publish it.


The changes we are talking about – and this is the remarkable thing about this case – seem to be made by someone who knew his job; they certainly date back to at least 40 years ago and have certainly been made by a coachbuilder, according to the dictates of the owner who wanted something special.


We may not agree with some proportions (for instance, the front overhang is too much) but we really appreciate the care with which the headlights were installed: they are covered by a shell made of perspex (now yellowed) while the tail was stretched as it was probably inspired by the prototype presented in 1959; moreover all the corners have bumpers that seem specially modified. The rest of the car seems to be completely original and, to tell the truth, we would probably restore the car but would leave the changes untouched apart from the taillights. Find it for sale at €50,000 (today $57,000) here in Treviso, Italy.


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