Arizona red: 1970 Volkswagen-Porsche 914-6


Are the Porsche pre-74s with six-cylinder engines too expensive? True, but there are alternatives like this 914-6.


For heaven’s sake, we are not saying that the 914-6 are cheap indeed, in recent years these cars have had a dizzying rise in prices because someone has realized that, in fact, these are Porsche in all respects even if the appearance it is miles away from those of 911 which now have prohibitive prices.


This 914 in particular is said to be a matching numbers car, and that the engine has been rebuilt and that it runs great; it seems to be a car stored for a long time so we rule out that it has been completely restored. The only thing we regret is the fact that the seller has only published three photos; if the car is as good as it seems it would have deserved a more complete photo shoot. Find it for sale at $55,000 (or best offer) here in Scottsdale, AZ.


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