Unknown issue: 1965 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 O.T.S.


Another E-Type Jaguar? Why not? In the end it is an icon of the automotive industry and, last but not least, it is beautiful.


But if the E-Type roadster looks beautiful in picture you should see one live: now we know that it is very rare to spot one in the wild but it is a visual experience that we strongly recommend. Some might point out the lack of reliability of these cars but we can say, from direct experience, that such unreliability affects at most the brakes and some components of the electrical system: the engine is very solid, as well as the gearbox.


This car in particular is a first series with a 4.2-liter engine: after the so-called “Flat floor” is the most sought after model because Jaguar solved many of the problems that afflicted the 3.8-liter model, and if you look at the recent results of the auctions on this model you will understand what we are talking about. The car does not seem bad at all, it seems a restoration of some time that apparently still holds good, what immediately jumps to the eyes is the lack of soft top, then there is not the door panel on the driver side. The seller says that the engine does not run but that, since he is not a mechanic, he does not know why. Find it for sale at $75,000 here in Bayside, NY.


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