#73: 1960 Italia 2000 by Vignale


Italia 2000’s were not produced according to the Vignale body number sequence but, as far as we know, we suppose that this car was built in 1960: at least three were the production years of this special car so the margin of error is low anyway. Whoever needs more info about these cars can check Adrian Sinnott’s website.


Having restored one, I know this car even in its hidden cranny so that’s enough to say that these car are easy to restore (remember: easy doesn’t mean “cheap”) as long as most of the mechanical parts belong to the Triumph TR3. Problems rise if you miss some interior trim but that’s not the case of this car, even though we don’t see the sills trims.


However,this is not a car which desperately begs for a restoration, techincally speaking that’s a driver the beauty of which has been clouded by the time and nothing more than that, however this is not a race car but a classy coupé which sould shine into the sun. Who sells it is one of the deepest Italia 2000 expert around, so buy with confidence. Find it for sale at €75,000 (today $87,000) here in Germany. The ad has been posted on the Triumph Italia 2000 FB page.


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