Blue on red: 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


Barn finds are still out there. Well, probably this Giulietta swb was not stored in a barn, otherwise it would have been in much better conditions than it is now. However, compared with the Giulia Spider which I’m restoring now, this car seems like it just came out of the dealership: at least it is still in one piece.


And, other than being in one piece, it is said to be a matching numbers car and still carries the factory hardtop which is worth alone not less than $1,000 (even in restorable conditions, which it is). The worst part of the body seems to be the rear lid but that’s not a big issue as the seller says that another spare lid will come with the car. Sure, we would have seen more than just a couple of photos but this is it. Find it for sale at $30,000 here in Savannah, TN.



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