The experiment/2: 1963 Hillman “Zimp” by Zagato


Among many experiments of merging the italian style with foreign machinery, there is one less known than others, the Hillman Imp dressed by Zagato.


Both Zagato and the Rootes group (owner of Hillman) decided to go on with this experiment involving the Hillman Imp so the name of this car, then, changed in “Zimp” and the production began at the british subsidiary of Zagato. The car was 50 kgs lighter and 10 cm lower than the stock Himp. Here you will find a lot of useful info about these cars.


The experiment, however, has not been followed and a total of three prototypes were built, this is of course one of those. We guess this is the one with the plate ‘9053 PG’, it has been restored years ago and it’sstill in ood conditions. The seller says that this car comes with a huge historical papers folder. Find it for sale at €39,000 (today $48,000) here in the city of Zagato, Milano, Italy.


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