Chamonix white: 1973 BMW 3.0 CS


This 3.0 CS is said to have been ordered with a lot of options: power sunroof, power windows, electric antenna, leather seats and air conditioning. Last but not least, it is said to have 47k original miles.


Of course, no matter how good it was cared, the paint couldn’t be the original one and indeed the seller says that it has been repainted in 2010 with the original shade, called Chamonix, which is said to be still in perfect conditions and matched perfectly with the red leather interiors.


As usual, it is very difficult to verify the miles on a fourty-five years old car, also because if well maintained, these cars age well. On the other side, whoever has restored one (me, for instance) know that, under the front fenders, the horror could hide even on the best specimens. This though seems a very nice car, and the asking price reflects that. Find it for sale at $69,500 here in Danville, CA.

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