Invest in gold/2: 1961 Cisitalia-Abarth 850 Coupé by Allemano


Did you ever see a car radio integrated in the rear view mirror? We didn’t, so this is the first time; however that’s not the only interesting aspect of this Cisitalia 850 Coupé.


This is one of the few Cisitalia-Argentina built by the son of Piero Dusio, the founder of Cisitalia who left Italy for Argentina when his factory shut the door. Differently from what he did up to that point, he started to build cars on the Fiat chassis and engine, this last tuned by Abarth.


The body, on the other side, was designed by Allemano which had a consistent collaboration with Abarth in the previous years, the result is a tiny but elegant coupé (they built spiders too, see here). Other than the special rear view mirror, this car is equipped with a beautiful Franco Conti steering wheel. What about the conditions? Well, it has been restored with the help of one of the top marque expert, Dr. Sergio Lugo, and it has been an entrant at Villa d’Este 2015. Enough said. Find it for sale here in Fernandina Beach, FL, with bidding at $3,450 and reserve not met. Thanks to Patrick for this tip!


One thought on “Invest in gold/2: 1961 Cisitalia-Abarth 850 Coupé by Allemano

  1. The car radio is a Voxson Vanguard, MW only, period correct:
    volume and tuning knobs are on the mirror that is electrically linked to a separate unit usually placed under the dash.

    Very rare to find, no more than one or two appear in a year time in second hand market.
    Indeed it goes together with the rarity of the car.

    Giuseppe Maranghi – Laveno (VA – Italy)


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