Getting rid of it: A classic car collection


This is a small classic cars collection that have to go: the seller is getting rid of it and, actually, it includes two interesting cars: a 1951 Hillman Minx and a 1953 jaguar XK 120, both are convertibles.


For the lovers of the eighties, the collection also includes a 1986 Pontiac Trans Am and, by the way, the seller has also posted a photo of a camper (we know it by sight but we don’t know exactly which year and model, do you?). As usual, there are few (and not so good quality) photos.


We don’t know exactly in which conditions are the Hillman and the Jaguar but, at least the first one, seems in good conditions: for sure they don’t seem cars that need a total restoration or something close to that and, as long as the price includes all the cars, we believe that it’s the time to think about it. Find this collection for sale at $52,000 here in Monrovia, CA.


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