Almost complete: 1967 BMW-Glas V8 3000


This big coupé was the swan song of Glas, even though ths particular model was built when Glas was already been overtaken by BMW, indeed this has a 3,000 c.c. engine instead of the Glas 2,600 c.c. unit.


This car indeed wears the BMW badge on the nose but unfortunately there are much more things to be worried about: this car needs a total restoration and we suppose that this wouldn’t be an easy task: there are very few of these cars around so finding the correct parts is hard.


On the other side the seller says that the car is almost complete; actually what seems missing is the air cleaner box and the shift lever knob, rev counter and speedometer are out of the car and need to be restored, interiors seem complete but we can’t see some exterior chrome trims and that’s a bad thing. Find it for sale at €28,500 (today $35,000) here in Terborg, Netherlands.


6 thoughts on “Almost complete: 1967 BMW-Glas V8 3000

  1. I’ve recentky gone through a restoration on a Glas 3000. The post correct in the fact that parts are near unobtanium. The reward is a car like none other. These cars represent the end of the era of uncompromised quality and engineering. This car deserves being brought back to its original glory, as time and funds consuming as it will be.

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  2. Hi Myron, this is for sure a labor of love as I guess these would be hard and expensive to restore. However, I’d be very curious to drive one, I guess they feel like driving a BMW 2.8/3.0 CS


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