Downsizing: 1950 Jaguar XK120 O.T.S. “Alloy”


This car is the 110th XK120 which came out of the Coventry factory and, as an early car, is one of the very few dressed with an alloy body, making it a special one.


The astonishing thing is that the seller has not only one, but two of these cars: the other one is still under restoration. This one instead is ready to be driven and, last but not least, it has a magnificent color combo apart from a restoration job which seems done at a very high level, for sure this is not the result of a weekend hobby.


The seller, other than the second alloy XK120, as other cars for sale among which a Giulia Spider and a Giulietta Spider, both black, plus other nice cars: he’s reducing his collection, so most of them have to go. This particular car is said to be sold or partially traded for a value starting from $325,000: you can find more info here. The ad related to this car is here from Santa Paula, CA.


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