More air: 1962 Porsche 356 B T6 Roadster “Twin Grille”


There is a small series of these 356 Roadster, build both on the T5 and T6 version, which had two grilles on the engine lid instead of one only.


This was made in order to provide more cooling to the engne bay: these are air cooled cars so the more the air, the better the cooling. That was a smart idea but few of these cars were made by belgian coachbuilder D’Itieren: 248 cars. We don’t know much more but the differences with a “regular” single grill are limited to that additional grille.


Actually one grille more means a lot for collectors: a Twin Grille Roadster is worth at least the 50% more than a singe grille car: we actually don’t understand why but, hey, “it’s the market, baby” ad we can do nothing about it. This particular car needs a total restoration but: it’s complete, seems never crashed and, last but not least, is a matching numbers car. You can’t ask more for a restoration project of this tier. Find it for sale at $195,000 here in Los Angeles, CA.



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