The light, again: 1960 Moretti Tour de Monde 750 Coupé


This Moretti 750 has been carried out from a barn, along with other italian classics, where it sat for many years. It need a total restoration of course, but it’s a rare coupé, much scarcer than its convertible sister.


The car is not so complete as many exterior trims and bumpers are missing and basically you’ve to build them from scratch; however interiors look complete and original. Especially the dashboard looks old and tired but complete.


Although the engine bay is empty, the seller says that there are three or four correct engines to choose from: indeed the barn is full of many spare parts for italian classic, probably piled by the owner during the years. That’s it, doing the step or not it’s up to you. Find it for sale here in Costa Mesa, CA., with bidding at $2,500 and no reserve price.

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2 Responses to The light, again: 1960 Moretti Tour de Monde 750 Coupé

  1. Jeffrey Hamilton says:

    Screaming deal and already sold !



  2. Classicvirus says:

    Indeed. The auction winner did a clamorous deal at $3,000


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