The assembly game/2: 1970 Lancia Fulvia Sport by Zagato


This Fuvia Zagato needs a huge work not only involving the restoration which, as it’s clear, is needed but also a classification work of all the parts contained in various boxes.


The seller says that all the parts are there, including the engine and gearbox which can’t be seen but the seller says that they’re actually are “in order”: maybe the translator is wrong but that’s all we could understand.

There are also some parts which have already been chromed or, at least, tey were in good state before being removed from the body. There are some mechanical parts – also those disassembled – along with all the interior bits of this car which is quite surely an italian delivery car on which someone attempted to begin a restoration which stalled for some reason. If you want to accomplish this mission, find it for sale at €12,800 (today $15,800) here in Loppem, Belgium.


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