Birotor: 1970 Mazda Cosmo Sport


Have you ever seen a Mazda Cosmo to restore? We didn’t as it’s even hard to find one in good conditions for sale, and that’s because for the 2nd series – which this car belongs to – only 1,176 cars were made.


The second series of these very special japanese cars, were equipped with a Wankel type 0813 engine producing 128 hp, a quite high power output for an engine with a displacement smaller than 1,000 c.c; on the other side these Wankel engines are known for their high specific power.


This particular car has been clearly neglected for many years and unfortunately it has a clear rust issue which can be fixed only with a rotisserie restoration. There’s a lot of work to do not only for the body but also for the engine which not many know: you must find a marque expert to rebuild such a special engine. Interiors are not that bad and that’s is the best news. Find it for sale at €36,500 (today $45,000) here in Saint-Leu-la-Forêt, France. Thanks to Frans for this tip!

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