A special one: 1957 Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS by Ghia-Aigle


Ghia-Aigle was a subsidiary of the well known Ghia of Turin, Italy, which opened in Aigle (Switzerland) another shop in 1948. This became indipendent from Ghia in 1953 and then started to build car bodies under its own name.


Many of such bodies were built over Alfa Romeo chassis for their wealthy customers, and basically all of them were one-off cars just like this one: maybe not the most beautiful CSS made but for sure unique (almost, the seller says that five cars were built with this body) and very elegant.


Of course a car like this is a natual entrant to any concourse around theworld, and we guess that the future owner will do that, but apart of this option, it remains an extraordinary example of the coachbuilers era of the fifties which never stops to give surpises. Needless to say, this was a car for rich people back then and now. Find it for sale at €390,000 (today $484,000) here in Rheinstetten, Germany.


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