Red bae: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT


Most of the Craigslist ads published by private sellers are tipically very short, with few photos and missing a lot of details about the item for sale: the ad related to this Giulia Sprint GT is the exception to that rule.


The seller has basically detailed everything about this car, so we’ll try so summarize the basics: he purchased this car from Japan and drove it for 7k miles in one year, (which is a lot for a classic toy). He modified wheels and suspensions, removed the original bumpers (which come with the car). The engine type is correct for the car.


The body isn’t perfect as there are paint blisters somewhere but we know that’s usual on these cars; new electric fuel pump and everything needed to make this car a reliable driver. We see that the original interior is missing, the carburetors are Solex instead of the correct Weber, and some items of the engine bay are missing. Not perfect then, but still capable to give thrills to the new owner. Find it for sale at $29,000 here in Seattle, WA.

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