Mystery car: 1965 Maserati “Mexico prototype” by Vignale


Here it comes another mystery car: an hybrid between  5000 GT and a Mexico; maybe closer to the last one but it carries the chassis number of the “noble” 5000 GT.


The seller explains which is the origin of this car, so we report his own words:

“1) The 5000GT # AM103*022* was originally manufactured in 1961, Allemano body, and it was delivered in Mexico
2) In August 1965 the vehicle went back to the Factory (after a crash), as requested by the current Owner of the car at that time, Mr. Barroso.
3) In occasion of Mr. Barroso’s further visit at the Maserati Factory, an estimate for the complete repair work was presented to him but he asked to exchange the broken car with a new one bodied by Vignale.
4) On 15th October 1965 Mr. Barroso accepted a Factory order for a new car. On the order is reported that the model of the new car was the type 101/11 (we suppose the Mexico prototype), external colour “Black” interiors in “Senape” (Tan) leather. Furthermore, on the order is clearly written to stamp the car with the number 103*022* (our supposition about this fact is that Mr. Barroso asked to have the new car stamped with the same numbers of the previous broken car in order to avoid to pay importation taxes in Mexico).
6) Finally the new car was shipped to Mr. Barroso in Mexico.
On the Vignale stand at the Salone di Torino in 1965 there appeared an original 2-door 4-seater prototype designed by Giovanni Michelotti mounted on a Maserati tubular chassis with a 4.9-litre V8 engine. This car had been commissioned by an important person. It is thought that as the 5000 GT was now out of production, this important client desiring such a car, commissioned Vignale to build one.”


Fact is that the body isn’t acually the same of the Mexico even though it resembles it: the greatest difference is on the rear end where the rear glass meets the third volume, in this car the shape is smoother than the Mexico we use to know. The other mistery is about the engine: we doubt that it’s a 5000 as that engine had twin plug heads. However, there is still much to discover about this special car. Find it for sale here in Gardena, CA, with bidding at $30,000 and, apparently, no reserve price.

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