Two without top: 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTC


The Giulia Sprint GT was designed by Bertone in the coupé version, the GTC however, was given to Touring coachworks in order to make of it an open version. This operation wasn’t actually liked by many, maybe because this Giulia Sprint was felt as a sports car or, at least, as a fast tourer (as it actually was) and so few were produced and sold: around 1,000 and many went destroyed in the past, so today it’s a very rare car.


As it is a rare car, it’s even more an extrardinary event that the actual seller has two for sale: a red one which is clearly in restorable conditions, and a white one (or maybe that’s just the primer color) which has already benefited of a total restoration. Unfortunately, apart from these minimal information the seller didn’t say anything more, so we suppose that the listed priced is for each car. Find it for sale at €28,000 (today $35,000) here in Isola Capo Rizzuto, Italy.

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