German perfume: 1949 Mercedes-Benz 170 S “Kombi”


As we just wrote many times, one of the lesson learned about the classic cars world is that you can’t ever imagine how many model have been built in the past 100 years.


This, for instance, is the first specimen of “Kombi” we’ve ever seen and, to be honest, we didn’t even know about its existence. Even though it could seem an hearse, the first registration was made by 4711 which was, back then, a well known german company in the perfume industry.


The car is said to be out of the road since 1979 (with 33k kms done) and it was actually stored very well, it looks mostly original apart from the front grille and bumper which comes from a Mercedes-Benz 220, however the original front grille comes with the car. Find it for sale at €24,900 (today $29,500) here in Cologne, Germany.

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