Solid patina: 1962 Fiat 1500 O.S.C.A. Cabriolet by Pininfarina 


This Fiat 1500, equipped with the twin cam O.S.C.A. engine, features a beautiful patina over its red paint, but it actually was born painted in pale blue.


Indeed the previous owner was an enthusiast racer, as all the period badges on the top of the dashboard say, and so he thought that the red paint could give the car more power. Whatever he thought, the previous owner garaged the car in 1969, and now it sees the light again.


We must say that, for a garaged Fiat of the early sixties, the conditions of the body are superb: it looks really solid and well preserved. It misses some engine details, easily retrievable, but no more than that. The gearbox has been removed but comes with the car which, with some proper touches, could also be driven as is. Find it for sale here in Saint Louis, MO, with bidding at $10,000 and reserve ot met.

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