Red inside: 1971 Lancia Fulvia 1300S Coupé


A Lancia Fulvia Coupé for sale is not a big news in itself, on the other side when we spot one in the right conditions and a price which is more than right, things are different.


This Black Fulvia is a 1300S, that means a 90 h.p. engine and a five speed gearbox. We know that’s not a first series car but who knows the Fulvia Coupé also knows that the 1st and 2nd series are those to find, and nowadays also these 2nd series cars have seen their prices grow.


The seller says that the car has 64k original kms: that means 1,400 kms per year which is very difficult, although not impossible, to believe. On the other side the car is said to be a matching numbers car; it had a recent service and new tires. Paint looks nice and interiors too (but the steering wheel wood is cracked); unfortunately there are no photos of the engine bay so we decided to post a photo of the trunk. Find it for sale at €7,500 (today $9,000) here in Palermo, Italy.

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