Cheap: 1960 Abarth 750 Sestriere by Zagato


What has actually attracted us about this car is not only the car in itself which is rare and in barn find conditions, but also the asking price which is, you know, “cheap”.


The seller says that the car is stored in a garage since 1982 and, of course, it needs a total restoration but the good thing is that it is very complete and it seems not to be abused after many years: every part looks correct and in its proper place.


The only part missing is the rear glass but that’s not a big issue as, as long at it was originally made of Perspex, it can be reproduced with a mold even though it will not be cheap. Or, maybe, it is still in the car but we simply can’t spot it. What about the price? Well, it seems actually a steal. Find it for sale here in Redding, CA, with a b.i.n. of $0.99 (nope, that’s not a typo).

2 thoughts on “Cheap: 1960 Abarth 750 Sestriere by Zagato

  1. wait did this sell!!!? it says the listing expired now. i’m sure the seller meant to just start the bidding at .99 not set the BIN.


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