Mixin’ Alfa: 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale


Actually, calling this car “Giulia SS” is quite a stretched option: indeed the seller made an attempt to build a prototype mixing parts coming from different models.


The middle section and the rear end of this car, although modified, come from a Giulia Sprint speciale whereas the front end clearly comes from a Duetto or a Spider. The modifications don’t finish here: all these body parts have been welded to a Alfa 75/Milano chassis.


Also the chassis has been modified as it was shortened by 9 inches, the track, on the other side, remains the same of the model 75. The car comes with a Alfa V6 engine from a Milano, then the seller says that windscreen opening is fabricated to accommodate a stock stepnose GTV. A set of doors for the project is included: they will need to be fit and modified and that you need to built a custom rear lid. We decided not to comment this job, you’ll do. Find it for sale here in Los Angeles, CA, with a b.i.n. price of $10,000.

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