Blue cat: 1966 Sunbeam Tiger


The Sunbeam Tiger is one of those cars that merge the best of both sides of the pond: a typical british roadster style with american muscle.


The basis of this car was of course the Sunbeam Alpine in which it was transplanted, thanks to the collaboration of Carroll Shelby, a 4261 c.c. (260 c.i.) Ford “small block” V8 engine: it was the smallest V8 of the bunch as other displacement didn’t fit in the tiny engine bay of the car.


This particular car is not well described ut it’s clear that it has been completely restored both inside and outside: it has a couple of silver stripes in the midde but we can’t understand if they’re simply stick to the body or if it’s a paint job. The seller says that the car comes also with its hardtop but we believe that nobody will install it. Find it for sale at CHF 97,000 (today $101,000) here in Chiasso, Switzerland.


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