Jensen touch: 1952 Austin A40 Sports

Screen Shot 08-10-17 at 07.42 PM 001

Although being named with “Sports”, this model was actually a tourer (not even fast) built by Jensen with an aluminium skin: few of these survive today.

Screen Shot 08-10-17 at 07.42 PM

Jensen built the bodies of these little cabriolets, then send them to Austin which completed the assembly of the car: it is said that 4,000 of these car were produced between 1950 and 1953. The 1200 c.c. four cylinder engine was fed by a couple of SU carburetors and produced 46 h.p.

Screen Shot 08-10-17 at 07.43 PM

This actual car is way far to be perfect but at the same time it drives and runs, and doesn’t seem rotten. We’re sure that there is rust under there but, apart from the body work needed here, the mechanical spare parts are easy to find as they were in common with the Dorset model: not bad at all at this price. Find it for sale at €12,999 (today $15,000) here in Péruwelz, Belgium.

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