Green light: 1956 Fiat 1100-103 “Giardinetta” by Viotti


One of the best sellers of fiat was the model 1100-103 produced from 1953 up to 1959, it had reliable chassis, engine and good brakes so it became very popular among coachbuiders.


One of those was Vittorino Viotti who already made many customizations starting from a mass prduced Fiat: he built the “Giardinetta” (it was a registered trademark), a two doors station wagon way before the Chevy Nomad came out. This particular car is one of those.


The seller says that the car has been restored yyears ago but never finished: of course since then the paintjob has now some dings and scratches so it must be redone: on the other side delicate jobs like replacing the floors have already been done and, last but not least, the engine has been redone and still needs to be run in. Find it for sale at €15,000 (today $17,600), here in Pescara, Italy.


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