Boosted: 1980 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV Turbodelta


The second Alfetta GTV Turbodelta spotted during the last 12 months is not silver but painted in a proper Alfa Red, with a large stripe on both sides to remind people that this is not a common car.


Indeed this model was produced in 400 units, so it’s a rare car, and it was equipped with the known DOHC four inline engine fed by an Alfa Avio turbocharger. The final output was 150 hp, which were a lot back in 1980 for a two litre car, but these engines could produce much more grunt than that if properly tuned.


This particular car is not described well but the seller actually says that the car is original in any way and in perfect conditions. Actually we admit that the car looks indeed very original, unfortunately such originality and rarity have become very expensive lately. Find it for sale at €90,000 (today $106,000) here in Massa e Cozzile, Italy.

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