Nothing wrong: 1969 Porsche 911S


Update: as Brian says in the comment below, this car belongs to a friend of him and that’s not for sale. The CL ad is actually a scam.

The beautiful and rare Pastel Blue shade of this 911 was added to the 911 color chart in 1970, so this 911S is a model year 1970 even though it was probably registered in the last quarter of 1969.


The car is said to be an “S” model but unfortunately the seller doesn’t mention anything about the engine type, or just about the chassis number which is fundamental to understand if this car was born as a T, E or S: of course the last type is the most powerful, hence the most sought.


No photos of the engine bay or interiors either: anyway the seller says that engine runs strong and has no dents or rust; we would really have known more of ths 911 which, if it’s a real S with a correct engine, is a steal at this asking price. Find it for sale at $53,000 here in CL Las Vegas, NV, but we suppose that the car is actually elsewhere.


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