Old chap: 1967 Fiat 600 Multipla


Among all the 600 Multipla seen for sale so far, this looks the most original of the bunch and, indeed, the seller says that this car is as original as it came out of the factory. By the way the build year in the title is supposed, as the plate is not the original one and the seller didn’t mention the build year.


Tired interiors, dirty engine bay and dull paint everywere seem to confirm the originality of this car even though you’ll never recognize with the eye only a respray of fourty years ago: to do the job an ultrasonic tickness tester is required also to check if there’s some bondo applied in the past, especially on the lower sills.


Apart from these technical considerations, the overall impression is indeed of a survivor: the car seems also very complete and we guess that the engine runs well: these Fiats were really tough and that’s why still today many use them very often. Find it for sale at €22,000 here in Catania, Italy.


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