Desert italian: 1962 Lancia Flavia Convertibile by Vignale


This gift from the Mesa is a Flavia Convertibile built by Vignale in 1962, a quite rare car to find in these conditions even in Italy, never mind in the U.S.


However, here it is: the seller says that this car hasn’t been driven since 1997 (that’s scary to realize that 20 years are already passed) when, probably, someone decided to disassemble it in order to restore it: of course something has gone wrong and now the car still needs to be restored.


The seller doesn’t add much more than what has been already written but that the engine turns with the hands and it has a straight body; actually the car doesn’t look rotten but quite solid, interiors are basically complete and still in the car while many other parts are collected in boxes while the engine and gearbox are still installed. Everything on this car needs to be fxed but the asking price is not bad to start from. Find it for sale at $5,800 here in Mira Mesa, CA.

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