V8 power: 1965 Jensen C-V8 III


We often see these Jensen CV-8 for sale but, basically every time, they are RHD cars and that makes them less attractive for the countries out of the Commonwealth. This one is one of the two LHD cars produced in 1965.


This car is said to be found in a dry warehouse where it sat for many years and that it is an extremely straight and accident free specimen, other than being equipped with a mighty 383 c.i. Chrysler V8 engine which actually runs (with an external fuel source, as the fuel tank and pipes are for sure in bad conditions).


The fiberglass body doesn’t give to the new owner any rust problem, however the chassis is said to be solid too. On the other side interiors are not a great sight but they are complete and that’s always a good thing to know. We’d really like to see this car once restored as it was born white with pale blue interiors, a truly stunning combo. Find it for sale here in Mckinney, TX, with bidding a $10,000 and reserve not met.

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