Four eyed: 1959 Abarth 2200 Spider by Allemano


This is the second time we see an Abarth 2200 Spider for sale: the first time it was a car for sale in Italy, in 2006.


This is then only the second time in ten years because this car is extremely rare, mostly because when it came out in 1959 this was an expensive car, built on Fiat 2100 chassis and engine (this one tuned by Abarth, of course): given the high price, many people preferred the more prestigious Alfa 2000 or 2600 Spider also because Abarth was famous mostly because of little Fiats.


The seller of this car is known for his Abarth knowledge and indeed he restored the car at his shop: so there’s nothing to criticize about the car which has been for sure properly restored: it looks nothing but perfect with a small imperfection: the price. Find it for sale at – fasten your seat belts – €285,000 (today $300,000) here in Nürnberg, Germany.

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