What to do: 1967 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint


This two tone 2600 Sprint has seen better days in its life. Once it should have been beautiful in its ruby red with cream interiors, now it’s only a piece of metal waiting for someone to save it.


Of course someone in the past had fun in painting a golden stripe all around the car: it was usual, back then when these were considered just as old ramshackle objects, to use them to unleash some “creativity”; of course now it’s not important anymore as the stripe is the least of its problem.


This could be considered no more than a parts car but, how many cars were considered the same in a recent past, and now you’ll dream to find, as example, a Porsche 356 in the same conditions at the same asking price? We know that the values of both cars are not comparable but if you like this car and you can manage to do some work by yourself, this could be the beginning of a beautiful story; a lot of parts for this car are available on the market so at least the “headache” part is waived. Find it for sale at €14,000 (today $15,600) here in Lézat-sur-Lèze, France.

3 thoughts on “What to do: 1967 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

  1. “a lot of parts for this car are available on the market so at least the “headache” part is waived”

    I thought one would have a hard time finding parts, since the 2600 was produced in lesser quantities than the Giulias, GTVs and Duettos of similar vintages. are their parts that easy to find?


  2. Yes Eduardo, the 2600 was a scarcer car than, for example, the GT but shops like classic alfa, alfaholics (UK), Afra (Italy) have many new parts for sale. Then, if you search for parts on italian marketplace you’ll find a lot of thing: a lot of parts are interchangeable with other models (brake boosters, brake and clutch pump and so on) and even with other builders (turn lights are the same used on the Ghibli and ISO) so that wouldn’t be a problem. Real issues are about some interiors trims which, if missing, are really hard to find.

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  3. thanks for the reply, Sir. my real dream is a Lancia Flaminia coupe (since the Zagato-bodied cars are too expensive, I’ll end up buying a Flaminia), but a 2600 would make a great plan B!


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