Survivor: 1975 BMW 520i


Not many know that he first generation of BMW “5” series, technically known as E12, has a lot of thing in common with its glorious mother, the E10, commonly known as 2002.


This car in particular shares with its predecessor its glorious four cylinders engine fed by a mechanical fuel injection, producing 133 bhp which were a lot for a light car as it was the 2002 Tii. Actually most of the mechanical parts come from the e10 but, of course, this was a more comfortable car built for modern times.


The good, however, is not only about the engine, this car looks an extraordinary example of survivor car: we don’t believe at all that the paint is still the factory one but probably that is the only not-original thing: the velvet interiors look very nice, the engine bay clean and he plate too is original. This is not a mainstream collection car but for sure a pearl for a BMW enthusiast. Find it for sale at €8,300 (today $9,300) here in Rivoli, Italy


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