Intimidator: 1965 TVR Griffith


I always wondered how driving this car could be: a squat look, a light bod, a short wheel base, a steering wheel, a manual gearbox and a mighty Ford 289 c.i. under the lid, producing almost 300 hp and plenty of torque.


For sure you have to be very skilled to exploit the power and torque of this tiny car called Griffith: actually few of these cars (192 maybe) were built and many on the market could be fake: this car is said to be certified as a “real” Griffith on which a lot of money has been spent and we actually see why.


Everything on this car has been restored or fixed up to the single nut and bolt; the engine bays is so clean that you could eat on it, the engine has been rebuilt a new quality components have been added like the aluminium radiator. Interiors too are like new so the only bad not on this car is the asking price. However, few months ago a Griffith to restore has been sold on eBay at $50,000 so maybe the price is right. Find it for sale at €120,000 (today $134,000) here in Temse, Belgium.


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