Two tone GT: 1968 Maserati Ghibli


During the last three decades many of these beautiful Italian GT have been used like some kind of canvas where the owner could unleash their “creativity” as these cars were not as valuable as they are now.


In this particular case, the creativity pushed one past owner to paint the body in two shades: Copper (which we believe it’s the original color) mated to some kind of burgundy on the sides, roof ad rear end: actually the two tones fits quite well but we don’t believe that this could be an original feature.


The interiors too aren’t upholstered with the usual Connolly leather but with a beige velvet: we can’t say if that is an original equipment or not: back then Maserati offered many bespoke options (upon huge payments) so we wouldn’t be astonished to know that the velvet was one of those. Apart from these things, the seller says that the car is matching number and that the engine turns freely but nothing else. Find it for sale at €140,000 (today $157,000) here in Saint-Avold, France. Thanks to Andrea for this tip!

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