Still running: 1955 Porsche 356 Speedster


This matching numbers Speedster (chassis #81007) is said to be mostly original as it is a former New Mexico car, so being very dry. Also, it has been repainted only once in the 90’s.


The seller, however, says that the transmission has been replaced with a 356 B unit; of course purists wouldn’t like it much but actually it’s yet enough rare to find a 60 years old Porsche with the original engine so we really believe that the lack of the original transmission is a minor flaw.


The seller has also the Porsche certificate as proof but, most of all, he says to be the fourth owner and that he owns this car since he eighties so he has for sure a lot of paper and invoices of the work done on this car during the last three decades, and that’s not a small thing. Of course that’s not a perfect car but it’s just how we like Speedsters: experienced. Last but not least, the seller has posted a couple of video of the car running. Find it for sale at $280,000 here in Tucson, AZ.


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