Uncommon sight: 1977 Datsun 240 Z


Maybe this is a car which can be easily seen in the U.S. or Japan but it’s quite rare to spot one in Italy,a country where, of course, a japanese sports car had few “space” among the local sports cars.


The seller says that the car was imported from Switzerland in 1977 (they came usually from the grey market as these were never officially imported in Italy) by a dealer in Milano, used for few years and then abandoned until he late 90s when it was purchased by an enthusiast and completely restored.


Actually, this car looks great: very original and, most of all, very clean. The engine bay in particular is immaculate and every bit is in place correctly. Interiors are very nice too even of the photo show only the dashboard. Externally there is only a small scratch on the right fender: the seller says that he own the car since 2002 and he never drove it in the rain. The black plate completes this beautiful specimen. Find it for sale at €19,800 (today $22,200) here in Besana in Brianza, Italy.


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