Beach cruiser: 1963 Autobianchi Bianchina “Jolly”


Nope, this car is not an original Ghia creation but an attempt to recreate these glorious days and the car which run across Italian seasides, often driven by the Jet Set people.


It is based on a 1963 Autobianchi Bianchina (chassis #45668 and it is said to be a matching numbers car) which was transformed and restored in 2015, also providing it with leather seats (we’d say that’s not the best material when you leave the car parked under the sun). Apparently, everything on this car is correctly working.


So we know that this is a “remake”, so we suppose that a good thing for a potential buyer would be giving a look to the transformation process which brought this car from a “normal” Bianchina to a beach car: these are not tricky cars but it would be nice to see some of the photos taken during the metalwork. Actually, the only thing that puzzles us is the engine look: we’d expect a clean and detailed unit instead of the actual conditions. Find it for sale here in Long Beach, CA, with bidding at $1,550 and reserve not met.


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