The brazilian way/3: 1979 Bianco S Coupé


This car is an example of what we really like to find: an almost unknown car which has never reached the popularity of some European competitors but it’s still a little tile in the automotive history.


It is called Bianco (from the surname of its founder, Ottorino Bianco) and was launched d at the Sao Paolo automotive car show in 1976, of course many brazilian automotive entrepreneurs had a lot of expertise about the chassis and engine of the Volkswagen Beetle so also this car is based on them: everything but, of course, the fiberglass body which, for this model, was also reinforced to stand better the side crashes.


The S model, like this one, was the flagship of Bianco and obviously inspire by the european sports cars of the seventies: actually the taillights assembly resembles the ones installed on the Ferrari 365 GT4 BB or the older 365 GT 2+2, while the general look resembles somehow the Mclaren M6BGT. This particular car is said to be the best original example around, having covered just more than 17K miles, and it’s painted in a beautiful (for us,of course) gold shade. Find it for sale at $39,500 here in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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