Huge bumpers: 1974 BMW 2002 Ti


The first thing that jumps to the eye about this 2002 Ti is for sure the couple of huge, D.o.T. approved bumpers. However, the car deserves a proper attention.


That’s because it’s a 2002 Ti so, differently from the Tii, it is equipped with a couple of Solex two-throat carburetors which are not as “refined” as the Kugelfisher MFI of the Tii but, on the other side, that means that this car is much more reliable and you don’t need a specialist to fix any intake issue.


So, apart from the ugly bumpers which must be replaced with a couple of Euro bumpers (or simply removed, if you like the sporty look) this car is said to be waiting for a restoration: the seller says that he bought it from the first owner n order to restore it but finally he realized that he has not time to do it: we can’t say anything about the car as the photo provided are not enough to judge the car conditions; however the car looks complete (even though the front seats are not original) and not particularly beaten. For sure it is worth the asking price. Find it for sale at $4,000 here in Clifton, NJ.

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