Underrated V6: 1972 Fiat 130 Coupé by Pininfarina


In a period where you basically can’t find anything under 10,000 (no matter if they’re US dollars or euros), there are still some cars which are not in the spotlight like the Fiat 130 Coupé.


To be honest, also these cars have increased their value during the last five years but it’s still a car which can be bought by someone who isn’t worth millions. Maybe it’s not the most beautiful of them all but still is an interesting mix of style and tech: Air conditioning, power steering, independent suspensions, four disc brakes and a SOHC, 3200 cc V6 engine (designed by Lampredi, a former Ferrari engineer) are not common features on the cars built in those days.


This particular car is said to be a second owner car as he (the seller) bought it from the first owner in 1996 and used scarcely since then; it has the original bronze paint and also a spare engine in case you need some part. Unfortunately it is equipped with a Borg-Warner three speed auto gearbox but on these cars the manual gearbox was an optional. The car seems to be in very good condition and very original as well, the only not original item is the steering wheel but that’s a minor flaw. Find it for sale at €5,550 (today $6,300) here in Ostuni, Italy.

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