Older restoration: 1963 Hillman Imp by Zagato



This Hillman Imp built by Zagato (very often called “Zimp”) is one of the three prototypes built by the famous italian coachworks, and actually It looks the same as it left the factory.


Under the coachbuilt body there is quite a sophisticated, albeit small, car; as the seller remarks this little car had an aluminium 875cc unit based on the ‘Coventry Climax FWMA’ Le Mans class-winning racer, along with independent suspension all around, rack and pinion steering, a fully synchromesh gearbox and a diaphragm spring clutch.


As just said, the car looks very similar to the period photos provided, with the exception of the steering wheel which is now a Moto-Lita. This car wa spurchased by an italian Zagato enthusiast in 1978; he restored the car and the restoration photo file will came with the car to the new owner. Of course the main feature of the car are the moving eyebrows but, at last, the whole car is a little jewel. Find it for sale at €39,999 (today $44,500) here in Montecarlo, Monaco. Thanks to Richard for this tip!


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